August 26, 2014

Dog Supplies

We have a number of products that we have found work great with our dogs. We cannot guarantee these products will work good in your specific situation, but for us they withstood the drool, wear and damage a Mastino can inflict, without being outrageously expensive.


  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff® SPORT balls.
  • Kong toys, especially the Extreme Kong.
  • Cuz toys from JW Pet found in most large dog supply stores.
  • Fleece rope toys, although you have to make sure your puppy does not chew off and swallow large piece

Other Supplies

  • Kuranda beds– All our dogs sleep on the 40oz vinyl versions
  • For the adult dog, a metal or leather collar from
  • For the puppy, generic expandable nylon collars work great.
  • Metal dog bowls, our puppies use a 3 quart, our adults a 5 quart.