August 26, 2014

Eye Testing

With Eyes 

The eyes are also evaluated around the globe, these tests are also via a veterinary specialist, an Ophthalmologist. The majority of the test focuses on the eyeball itself with the surrounding tissue (eyelids etc) composing only a small part of the exam and none of the tests focus on Cherry eye. Most Neapolitans tested have some sort of eye abnormality and it’s important for breeders to test so that many hidden abnormalities can be identified and avoided through judicious breeding. It is also important for all breeders to use this information in conjunction with the obvious phenotype of the dog to select for tighter eyelids and more open eyes.

  • What are the eye issues in the litter mates or other first generation relatives?
  • Do any of the other dogs in the close pedigree have eye or eyelid issues?
  • Does the dog in question have any other significant health, temperament or conformation issues?
Velo de BluHouse, Eye study- 4 months & 1 year

Velo de BluHouse, Eye study- 4 months & 1 year