August 26, 2014

Is a Mastino right for me?

A puppy is a huge responsibility and a Neapolitan Mastiff is a lot more work then the average Lab or Jack Russell so please do some research and reading before jumping into this breed. 

A Mastino is not a good choice if….

Your family budget is tight. A Neapolitan is an investment in time and money. Yes, a puppy can cost between $2,000 to $4,000, but the cost simply start there: vet bills, training, food and increased cleaning costs all are exponentially larger with the Neo. For example if a lab gets two tablets of antibiotics a day for an infection, the Neo would get six. If a single $250-$500 vet bill would be a hardship consider another breed of dog.

 You have a busy schedule.

You may also have to spend a great deal of time maintaining a Mastino, some require extra grooming, others extra training but most are typically family oriented and need plenty of attention and love.

 You have little experience with dogs.

Like the Doberman or Sharpei, the Mastino is a headstrong breed that can be prone to behavior problems if not raised with firm and consistent training. Like many Labs or spaniels they can bee prone to anxiety issues if crated or ignored for long periods. Mastinos typically become more strong-willed as they age so consistent appropriate care is paramount. Like the Australian Shepherd or Border Collie they can be quite intelligent and may be prone to destructive tendencies if not appropriately mentally stimulated. Because of all these things the Mastino is not a recommended breed for first time dog owners.

 You want a jogging/hiking partner.

Think Clydesdale, not Thoroughbred race horse. The Mastino is built for short bursts of powerful energy, most are not suited to endurance work. Like most large bulky dogs they can have issues overheating while exercising in warm weather. While some individual dogs may excel in intense hiking, if you want a constant companion for all your outdoor activities consider a dog from the AKC hunting or hound group.

 You enjoy a clean home and yard.

Mastinos are large messy dogs that can quickly destroy fancy landscaping and furniture.

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