August 26, 2014

Mastino and Children

The Neapolitan Mastiff is not a ‘kid-friendly’ breed, with a Neo you can never get a 100% guarantee that your new puppy will be good with children.  Like any giant breed the Neo can be dangerous around children simply because of their sheer size. Simple innocent play from a rambunctious puppy or a nip from an adult can result in significant injury to small children. Young children who do not know how to behave around puppies can also hurt puppies. Because of this, giant dogs should always be under close supervision when interacting with children, for everyones sake. Neos or other working breeds should never be around, even if supervised, groups of children as their highly charged play can often be too much for many dogs.

As a breed the Neo has more of an ‘edge’ then Great Danes and English Mastiffs. Also some lines of Neos have more of an ‘edge’ and predatory drive then others so make sure you question any breeder about the temperaments of the parents and grandparents before you buy a puppy. This ‘edge’ and predatory drive makes untrained  dogs even more dangerous. With that said if you choose a puppy from appropriate lines, properly train and socialize him, the Neo can make a good family dog for some families.

We strongly caution families with children under 10 years against owning this breed as until then many children are not mature enough to act responsibly around large dogs. We evaluate each puppy individually to find the best fit for each puppy but even this cannot provide a lifelong temperament guarantee. Obedience and socialization are absolutely necessary for the family Neo and we at BluHouse describe our recommendations in our puppy packet we give to every new puppy owner.

Enzo (3)